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  • Lubricate your metal rollers

    You will need a lubricating spray for this purpose. Stand on the side of the track as far away from the door as possible. When the rollers enter the vertical track spray a little bit of lubricant on the wheel of each one. This will help you spread the compound to the stems so you ensure proper lubrication while saving time.

  • Maintenance is a must

    Even if your garage door opener model is renowned for quality and durability, garage door maintenance is still important. Cleaning, polishing, and lubricating chain drives are important. In addition, regular inspections for defective parts will help you identify any components needing replacement and issues with the safety features.

  • Make sure the photo eyes are aligned

    The garage door photo eyes are the opener sensors placed on each side of your overhead door - they are designed to prevent your door from closing if there is something in its path. It's important to check they're working periodically as they can misalign over time or become dirty - when this happens, there is a chance they'll stop functioning properly.


  • Get as many opener accessories as possible

    Garage door opener accessories are produced to enhance security and safety. They also make access and opener activation very easy along with offering convenience, too. The good thing is that you add them one by one and one of our splendid technicians will help you select the most important ones.

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