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What Are The Features of a Garage Door Opener?

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What Are The Features of a Garage Door Opener?

What Are The Features of Door Opener? | Garage Door Repair Steiner Ranch, TX

Garage doors can be opened hundreds of times per week, but how much do you really know about their opening mechanism? These are crucial to your home’s functioning, so a broken garage door opener will require professional repair. By learning about the features of an opener, you’ll be better equipped to accurately identify issues which commonly rear their ugly head. This will help you communicate the problem to a professional, and help you understand when you need a replacement service.

Features are nice to have, rather than a necessity, but can upgrade your garage door operations considerably. The following features will bolster your garage door.

Manual Release

If there are occasions when you want to operate your garage door manually, you can have a feature installed which allows you to do so. A manual release feature will disengage the door from its mechanisms, meaning you can raise the height of the door to whatever you require at the time. This is great if you’re doing work that requires the garage door to be at a specific height, like if you’re doing work within your garage and need ventilation. When your release breaks, this is an issue for professionals to deal with.


You can remotely access your garage door from the comfort of your own home. This is a luxury feature which doesn’t add much functionality, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Most modern openers come with a miniature remote device you can attach to your key chain. If your remote stops working and you can’t safely resolve the issue yourself, a professional will be on hand to help.

Rail Segments

These are attached alongside the part of your garage door that’s responsible for driving functions. They generally last for many years, but like anything, will corrode over time. This means it’s important to perform regular inspections, so you know when to call a professional to repair or replace the issue.

Security Light

A light will be useful when you’re entering your garage in the dark. It adds convenience, but also functions to deter burglars. Modern doors have automatic lights which are powered using sensors, meaning you can easily see inside your garage. A good garage door light will turn off automatically during periods of inactivity. If your light stops working, it might simply be a case of performing a DIY replacement, but for any further issues, you can call for help.


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